14+ Backyard Habitat Native Plants Images. Planting natives will encourage both native birds and animals to visit. Most importantly, they are fundamental in supporting wildlife.

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Creating wildlife habitat (downloadable pdf) landscaping for wildlife: Native plants, natural products, wildlife stewardship, clean water, and homeowner engagement. They require less maintenance and have additional stormwater and wildlife advantages.

Backyard wildlife habitats in new jersey.

Locate the native plants that have popped up voluntarily, but haphazardly. For the instead of planting liriope, try carex laxiculmis 'bunny blue'. In fact, their use has grown exponentially in recent years. Caterpillars will be munching on leaves, bees will be buzzing, and feathered friends will set up shop in for someone like me, a butterfly gardener on a mission, i am always looking for a new native plant to expand my backyard habitat;