26+ Backyard Guinea Fowl Pics. Read our guide on keeping guinea fowl and why would i get guinea fowl? You may choose to use chicken feed or feed intended for other types of poultry species.

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They act some what as an alarm system for the flock, so they do not make good urban backyard pets. Nowadays there are many more colours available. You can find a list of breeders below sorted by country then state.

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Roaming the yard and scratching in backyard dirt increases urban chickens' exposure to the parasites, many of which can also be carried and distributed by local wildlife, the study authors suggested. Their plumage is spattered with black and white feathers on their bodies. Guinea hens are not known to be good mothers,6 but in the wild the guinea hen's mate (a guinea cock) may help tend the young keets during the day by keeping them warm and finding food. Now, have a look at the pivotal aspects.