29+ Backyard Drainage Pipe Clogged Pics. Dig drainage ditches to help rectify backyard drainage problems. I had a similar problem recently, it was with a sewer rather than a drain pipe, but the solutions are similar.

Clogged Underground Drain Repair | Country Landscaping, LLC
Clogged Underground Drain Repair | Country Landscaping, LLC from www.countrylandscapingllc.com

Pour this solution in the choke or clogged sewer line and wait up to 15 to 20 minute. Sometimes, the very best options are the diy ones! Even if foundation drainage was properly installed when a building was constructed, the system may no longer be working.

Perforated pvc drainage pipe for subsurface water drainage.

When footing drains fail, typically we find clogged exit pipes like this to be the culprit. As the pipe collects and redirects the rainwater, it disperses. If your drainage problem is not severe and your backyard is wet and soggy instead of being totally water logged, you can try improving the quality of top soil. While a footing drainage system can be effective for a time, eventually muddy water and particles enter the pipe and reach a tipping point.