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Over the years, wrestlers have done sit down interviews away from any wrestling ring or promoter. A mockumentary shot in 2003, hick fights explores the world of amateur fighting for sport in the comfort of a few individual's kentucky backyards. 1,984 likes · 17 talking about this.

We had a really cool premier in my backyard on a projector, at my bar with way too many people that got way too out of hand, and then we watched it one time with some of the fancy lad dudes when we.

Do wrestle in the front yard too from time to time, just so you become well rounded. The three say they plan how the matches will go down. Backyard wrestling byw also referred to as yarding or backyarding is a controversial underground hobby and sport involving predominantly 1130yearold m. Today, this term is generally used to describe a dangerous and therefore stupid form of fun practiced by kids trying to emulate the professional wrestlers they see on t.v.