View Backyard Football 2002 Roster Background. Released in 2001 on windows, it's still available and playable with some tinkering. Welcome to the backyard football 2002 faq. Backyard Baseball 2001: Video Games Backyard Baseball 2001: Video Games from

This article describes the video game. They may even have a future spot on your season roster. Roster includes most starters and key reserves.

Oakland raiders roster for the 2002 nfl season.

Game » consists of 0 releases. A page for describing characters: Averted in the original game, where kevin garnett is the only nba star on the roster. I have seen a lot of posts on this sub about backyard football 2002, and i would love to play but despite all of my efforts i have not been able to find a download of the game that has worked for me on scummvm.